Duratex Lash Glue

  • Transparent glue for the fast and simple fixing of both real-hair and false lashes.


    The new DURATEX Lash Glue is a transparent-drying adhesive that fixes false lashes quickly and easily. Real-hair and false lashes can be applied in a jiffy. The creamy texture in a handy tube enables simple application and quick drying. A high degree of adhesion ensures a long and reliable hold. With a neutral fragrance, the glue can be removed without residue.

    Application note:
    For best results, gently squeeze the tube and distribute the drop evenly along the lash strip. Leave the glue to dry for 15-30 seconds before placing on top of the natural lashes.

    Beauty note:
    To achieve an optimal hold with DURATEX Lash Glue, make sure that there is sufficient glue on the lash ends. The lash strips can then be pushed closer to the natural lash line if necessary.

  • Once opened and unsealed items cannot be returned.